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Tue Aug 30 13:44:31 2011

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    Catering jobs in Manchester  | Catering jobs in London  | Catering jobs in Birmingham  | Catering jobs in Kent  | Catering jobs in Yorkshire  | Catering jobs in Scotland  | Catering jobs in Newcastle 

    Chef jobs in Manchester  | Chef jobs in London  | Chef jobs in Birmingham  | Chef jobs in Kent  | Chef jobs in Yorkshire  | Chef jobs in Scotland  | Chef jobs in Newcastle 

    Hospitality jobs in Manchester  | Hospitality jobs in London  | Hospitality jobs in Birmingham  | Hospitality jobs in Kent  | Hospitality jobs in Yorkshire  | Hospitality jobs in Scotland  | Hospitality jobs in Newcastle 

    The types of catering jobs we have on over range from Executive chef jobs and Head chef jobs to waitering staff and kitchen helpers. We have shown for London, Manchester, Birmingham and Scotland Sous Chef jobs, Chef de Partie vacancies and work for Commis Chefs or Pastry Chefs. Other hospitality jobs include Development Chef careers and Consultant Chef Jobs. Waiter and waitressing work for both part time and full time positions are available.

    If you want to become a chef, culinary school is probably one of your first options. The other direction you could take is finding a job as a kitchen assistant or chef apprentice. Starting at the bottom of the catering ladder is really tough. Pay is minimal and no doubt you will get shouted at a lot. It seems to be all part of the job experience and if you can hack it, the long term rewards are there. It is a shame that many kitchens have a reputation for bullying, but hopefully this is beginning to die away.

    Commis Chef - The role of Commis Chef is given people wanting to become full chefs and wanting to learn about all the different aspects of the Kitchen.

    Head Chef - Head Chef is responsible for menu creation, kitchen staff management and the overall running of the Kitchen including the budgets. Experience is the key to getting a head Chef job.

    Sous Chef is directly below the Head Chef in the pecking order. The Sous Chef does scheduling and is often in charge when the head chef is away.

    Chef de partie - is in charge of a certain part of the kitchen. Each station chef might have several cooks working for him or her.

    Kitchen staff - assist the chefs and workers by doing menial things like potato peeling or the washing of food. Kitchen staff also do washing of dishes, pans etc as well as keeping the work surfaces clean. It is a good stepping stone before training as a Chef, giving you good work experience in a busy restaurant or hotel kitchen.

    Catering managers - plan, organise and develop the production and delivery of food services. They have to monitor rules and regulations as well as delivering what the customer wants.

    Chefs World Chef forums and news information website.

    D R Newitt and Associates - D R Newitt & Associates Limited, Dedicated Recruitment Specialists to The Food & Drinks Industry. Job search UK wide with Food Processors and Manufacturers. Technical & Quality Management, Laboratory, New Product and Process Development, Operations & Production Management, Sales & Marketing, Accounts & Logistics, Engineering & Health and Safety, Planning & Hygiene, Director/Senior Appointments, Human Resources. Source: Jobsword

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