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Directgov - The jobs and skills search is a service provided by Jobcentre Plus, available through the Directgov website. The jobs and skills search provides searches for jobs, training courses, career information, voluntary work and childcare providers. Source: Jobsword

Jobcentre Plus - The employment service for people of working age. In some areas Jobcentre Plus offices are already offering a fully integrated work and benefit services. It will take several years to integrate the entire local office network of Jobcentres and social security offices fully. During this time, services will continue to be provided in local social security offices and Jobcentres, which will be part of the Jobcentre Plus network. Source: Jobsword

Employment Appeals Tribunal - The main function of the Employment Appeal Tribunal is to hear appeals from decisions made by Employment Tribunals. It also hears appeals from (and applications relating to) decisions made by the Certification Officer or by the Central Arbitration Committee, however these are infrequent. Hearings are conducted by a judge alone or by a judge and two lay members. Source: Jobsword

National Youth Agency - The National Youth Agency was founded in 1991 and is based in Leicester, England. We aim to advance youth work to promote young people's personal and social development, and their voice, influence and place in society. Funded primarily by the Local Government Association and government departments we work to. The National Youth Agency supports those involved in young people's personal and social development and works to enable all young people to fulfil their potential within a just society. Source: Jobsword

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