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Use the search engine above to find the latest vacancies in Sunderland, Castletown, Doxford, Houghton, Newcastle, Washington, Darlington, Durham, Gateshead, Hartlepool And In Stockton or Teesdale. From sales assistant and shop manager to teaching and education careers across the north east. Newcastle is the main employer in the area, followed by towns such as Gateshead and Durham.

Newcastle was a key city during the UK Industrial Revolution with coal mining and manufacturing being it's main industries. Over the recent decades, office jobs, service and retail employment and local services are the main job sectors. Newcastle is the commercial centre for the North east and main Business District is in the centre of the city, bounded by Haymarket, Central Station and the Quayside areas.

In 2010 Newcastle was ninth in the retail league of the UK, with several major shopping areas in Newcastle city centre. Eldon Square Shopping Centre has several major shops employing shop assistants and managers in stores like Debenhams or John Lewis. Eldon Square has plenty of part time jobs, retail work and casual labour. Other employers in the retail sector are Apple, Hollister & Guess.

Sunderland has begun to revive its economic situation after the loss of its shipbuilding. A Nissan car factory opened in 1986 and new service industries have grown in business and technology parks such as Doxford International Business Park that attracts many new jobs in Sunderland. IT, software, computer programming and telecom jobs plus other Information Technology vacancies are common in Sunderland. The former shipyard areas along the Wear now houses St. Peter's Campus of the University of Sunderland and other employers are the National Glass Centre, the Stadium of Light and Hylton Riverside Retail Park. National chain stores including Debenhams, H&M, Schuh, Disney Store, Pandora, La Senza, TopShop and Starbucks all regularly have jobs. Restaurants, a casino and tenpin bowling development have also attracted jobs, along with bars and clubs that have sprung up in Sunderland. Despite the recent employment downturn, Sunderland has a turnover of jobs that can be found on Jobsword.

Durham has a famous University and thus a strong retail and hospitality job sector as well as educational. Teaching jobs, shop assistant work, shop manager vacancies as well as normal services jobs. The city was a mining centre for many years, but like so many English towns and cities, service industries, especially software programming and developer jobs have slowly taken hold. Oracle, java, C and other programming skills are required for many of the jobs in Durham.

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